Angry Lobster Disc Golf is located on a historic farm property in the Ten Lots Community of Fairfield Maine.

Originally part of a land grant from the English Monarchy dating back to the mid 1700’s, the property has been a working farm for well over two centuries. In 2004, the farm was purchased by Mark Andre’, who opened Thornridge Farms Nursery, LLC on the site. Since 2005, the farm has been used for the growing of shade, ornamental and Christmas trees. The leftover inventory from Nursery operations has formed the basis for the beautifully landscaped Disc Golf Course you are about to play.

Construction of the Course began in the summer of 2020.

Constructing the Course was a very unique and rewarding experience. As we built holes through the woods, we would break through old stone walls that, judging by the top soil buildup, had remained untouched since the stones were first pulled from the fields in the 18th and 19th Centuries. We also found caches of old farm hardware, glass bottles and other assorted treasures left by those who worked the land in years past to create and maintain the natural beauty of this farm.

Explore the natural beauty of the farm.

In that tradition, we have done our best to make use of the materials we unearthed during construction to add to the uniqueness and beauty of the Course. The stone walls lining Hole 5, raised tee boxes on Holes 11 and 15, and sunken tee box on Hole 18 are just a few examples. Visible on the large rocks surrounding the 15th tee are old piton holes left from initial attempts to split the rocks many years ago. We hope you will enjoy playing the Angry Lobster as much as we have enjoyed creating the Course. Whether your first visit or next visit of many, we look forward to seeing and introducing you to our historic farm.

Sincerely, Mark Andre’ – Owner Thornridge Farms Nursery, LLC DBA Angry Lobster Disc Golf

The Team


Mark Andre’ moved to Maine from the Florida Keys in 2004 and, soon after, purchased the farm located at 11 Ten Lots Road, opening Thornridge Farms Nursery, LLC in 2005. Prior to moving to Maine, Mark owned and operated a Charter Fishing and Commercial Lobster Diving business in Summerland Key, Florida. Several years ago, Mark took his partner Leanne commercial lobster diving for the first time. Afterward, she remarked the lobster looked “angry” when they were getting “tickled” out of their holes (you use a 3’ fiberglass stick to “tickle” Florida lobster out of a hole and into a net). On a subsequent trip, after watching Mark make some minor engine repairs on the boat, Leanne said he reminded her of one of those “angry lobster”. The nickname stuck and that is the story behind the name Angry Lobster Disc Golf.


Lance Cole is the real inspiration behind the Course. Lance has been a disc golf enthusiast pretty much since the game first came to Maine. For almost as long (as you walk by the mature trees that remain in the Nursery portion of the Course, odds are Lance planted more than few), Lance has been asking Mark “When are you going to build a disc golf course at the Nursery? It would be great.”. Lance was right. Over a span of years, Lance’s knowledge and enthusiasm for disc golf that he shared with Mark enabled the design and construction of the Angry Lobster Disc Golf Course. That knowledge and enthusiasm for disc golf combined with years of experience working at the Nursery make Lance the ideal person to own and operate the Pro Shop at Angry Lobster Disc Golf.


Thornridge Farms Nursery was in operation from 2005-2020, when the decision was made to convert the farm into a disc golf course. During 15 years of operation, not all the trees planted in the Nursery were sold. In spring of 2020, as Lance and Mark were digging the last saleable trees, Lance started talking about disc golf holes. As that conversation continued, the Course just sort of laid itself out among the remaining trees in the Nursery. Work on the Course began in July of 2020.  Mark’s background in landscaping combined with Lance’s knowledge of disc golf is what makes Angry Lobster such a unique and enjoyable Course to play.


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