Angry Lobster Disc Golf: A Grand Opening Like No Other

Come Join Us For A Game The Whole Family Can Enjoy!

An Introduction To Disc Golf

For those of you who haven’t heard of disc golf before, or who just don’t know very much about it. A brief history of the sport begins with George Sappenfield and Kevin Donnelly, two early organizers of the sport, who were able to popularize the sport in their respective California locations thanks to their shared origins and the aid of Wham-O. In 1959, Donnelly began playing Street Frisbee Golf, a type of Frisbee golf. He created and then began arranging Frisbee golf competitions for children at nine of the city’s parks he managed in 1961, while working as a recreation leader and subsequently as a recreation supervisor for the City of Newport Beach, California. This resulted in a well-documented citywide Frisbee golf competition sponsored by Wham-O in 1965. The sport has come a long way since those days, with nearly seven thousand courses worldwide! The United States having over 75% of those courses. To get started playing at Angry Lobster Disc Golf, click below!

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The Men Behind The Course

Mark Andre’, our course manager, relocated to Maine from the Florida Keys in 2004 and quickly purchased the farm at 11 Ten Lots Road, establishing Thornridge Farms Nursery, LLC in 2005. Mark owned and maintained a Charter Fishing and Commercial Lobster Diving business in Summerland Key, Florida, before migrating to Maine. Lance Cole was the driving force behind the course. Lance has been a disc golf fan when the game was first introduced to Maine. Lance’s experience and enthusiasm for disc golf, which he shared with Mark over a period of years, enabled the design and building of the Angry Lobster Disc Golf Course. These two men joining forces has created the hottest new attraction in central Maine! With beautiful and engaging courses for the whole family! To learn more about Angry Lobster Disc Golf, click the link below!

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Our Mark On The Community 

The feedback we’ve received from the community truly speaks for itself! We could not be more thankful for the reviews we’ve been receiving regarding our course. People have been loving the game at Angry Lobster Disc Golf! To read some of our rave reviews, look below!

“Beautifully landscaped course, great owners and good vibes! Love it!” 

“The field of dreams of Fairfield. What an amazing course, I had a blast. Such a variety of terrain. A small Christmas tree farm to start, through forest, open bombs and long tight fairways through an old tree nursery with a great variety of trees. Both fun and challenging for all levels of players. A must see course for anyone in the scene. The owners and course pro are both friendly and informative. Come check it out and let em rip.” 

“Great course! Excellent variety of throws, fairways, greens, and trees! Very well kept and challenging for any player. Awesome angry 🦞” 

“Great course especially for being new! Good mix of everything. Short, long, open, wooded. Looking forward to the final product.” 

“Fantastic course for being open 3 weeks.” 

As you can see, people are really loving Angry Lobster Disc Golf! Our courses feature beautiful scenery and are a great place for fun for the whole family! We pride ourselves on the amount of work we’ve put into repurposing a historically rich property into something that can bring enjoyment to the people of Maine in the modern-day. To get started on planning your day at Angry Lobster Disc Golf, check out our course map below! 

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